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Without the overwhelm of doing it on your own and from the comfort of your home!

Get ready to bring colour to your wardrobe naturally and sustainably with fun and creative textile dyeing.

Liliana achieved these deep blue results in her indigo vat after applying the techniques from the Living Colours with the Five Elements workshop.

— Liliana Filomeno Ortiz

"It's a very dynamic and illustrative workshop. It's also super complete because Malú not only teaches you the dye technique, she also shows you how to dispose of leftovers correctly or use them to create lake pigments.

I thought the way she taught the indigo dyeing technique was masterful; she didn't miss a single tip. I loved it!"

"One of the best courses I've ever taken!

  • You’re a crafter, artist or designer that truly cares about the impact that our clothes have on Mother Earth…

  • You’re sick of having chemicals in your lifestyle and are probably a little bit obsessed with all things organic: from the farmer’s market to your wardrobe…

  • You love creating things, stitching, mending and maybe you even have your own little backyard vegetable patch… (how could you not – they’re so rewarding!)

  • You love the fun of bringing life to old things, from vintage to secondhand, each old item feels like new to you…

  • You’re a unique, creative and a free soul that appreciates spending time surrounded by Nature…

  • But you’re tired of seeing how fast fashion, toxic chemicals in the fashion industry and landfill waste are deteriorating our precious Land, and are contributing to global warming...

  • And worst of all, you feel guilty about buying clothes and quickly getting bored of them, because as a conscious consumer you’re supposed to live with them forever, even though they no longer make you feel good, am I right?

Hands up if this sounds like you! 🖐

But there’s a little voice in your head that might be saying “what if I get it wrong, and my clothes end up looking like a kindergarten experiment? What if the dye looks terrible or it washes off? What if I ruin my clothes and then I have to buy new ones again…?” 

And then you go and google mending and dyeing techniques online… but there are so many resources out there about creating sustainable textiles that it’s hard to decide who to trust!

You’re scared about going into a greenwashing hole and wonder if the time and money invested in learning to upcycle or dye your clothes will be worth it. Should you just go back to buying new “organic clothing” from the top 10 sustainable brands you find online…?

And the worst part is, that sometimes you even have that guilty thought that “ethical fashion clothes are BORING!”

So you go on with your life, consuming what you think is sustainable, but you’re worried that none of the items that you've bought in the past are the right color or fit...

Sometimes you actually get overwhelmed that starting a conscious wardrobe may be harder than what you read on The Good Trade…

In the end, you know that sustainable brands just want to sell to you as well and building an ethical wardrobe is expensive because of the materials, sourcing and fair labour… 

You think about maybe making or upcycling your own clothes, I mean, you’re a crafter after all, getting your hands dirty doesn’t overwhelm you…

What if you could actually gain control of your sustainable lifestyle and wardrobe without the overwhelm of doing things alone?

What if you could have the tools and knowledge to confidently transform any item in your wardrobe into pieces of clothing that you can wear on repeat for decades… and when the color dies off, re-dye and re-dye until your clothes literally break?

What if you could creatively collaborate with the Land in which you stand and use your vegetable garden to plan your dyes all year long to grow items you need for each season?

What if you could actually have fun every time you want to renew your wardrobe and can’t wait to try new and exciting colours to feel refreshed and renewed without feeling guilty of creating toxic waste?

let me paint a colourful picture for you…

My friend, take a breath and relax for 5 minutes, 

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Let’s work together to learn the ins and outs of textile dyeing so that you can finally keep creating gorgeous clothes that can last decades in your wardrobe and have fun along the way!

so let’s create some magic with it, shall we?

They say the most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already have,

It’s time to stop blaming yourself for not being the perfect sustainable activist, and start taking control of what you can actually do with what you have.

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A step by step framework where you’ll learn how to apply colour to natural fibres in a safe, long-lasting and sustainable way, using plants, insects and clay. 

You’ll also learn more about the benefits of this practice for humans, our non-human siblings and the planet.

online workshop

Living Colours with the Five Elements

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So if you’re dying to start dyeing….

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First I'll walk you through the history, basic chemistry and environmental considerations of natural dyeing.

You’ll then learn how to get ready for dyeing with: materials, how to find colour sources wherever you are, and you’ll start your very own dye journal to keep track of your experiments.

Afterwards, you’ll become familiar with the processes of scouring and mordanting (aka, preparing your fibres for optimal colour uptake) these are the crucial steps to make sure the colour
will actually stay!

After that, I’ll guide you through how to apply different dyeing techniques using plants, cochineal, indigo and wild clay to achieve a myriad of colours and textures 🌈

Finally, we'll transform our leftover dye baths into lake pigments for making additional art supplies and I’ll give you my proven process for washing and aftercare so that your clothes can stay looking great for years to come!

What you'll learn:

I can't wait to guide you as we dive deep into the magical and colourful world of dyeing textiles with plants, insects and minerals!

I’m a Mexican natural dyer and designer living in West Wicklow, Ireland. I inherited my name and a calling for textile art from my mum and grandmother. I have a background in graphic design and fine arts. In 2018 I began my experimentations and research in natural dyes. I’ve had the honour of studying with master dyers from Mexico, Ireland, the US and Japan.

My work draws inspiration from the traditional garments of Mexico, while embracing the rich heritage of Irish textiles. By working slowly and mindfully, I aim to build an intimate connection with each of our dye sources, as well as the Land where they grow.

founder & CEO of Talú
and founding member of Fibreshed Ireland.

I'm Malú Colorín

Have we met?

You get easily overwhelmed with crafts and DIY projects

You’re impatient and don’t love the idea that “practice makes perfect”

You don’t have the time or interest to engage with the Natural world by growing your own dye plants, foraging in the wild or learning about basic botany and chemistry concepts

this workshop is not for you if...

You are conscious about your daily actions and want to change the way you consume and create things

You’re not afraid to take your sustainable habits a step further

You’re ready to take control of your life and build a self sufficient style and wardrobe

You want to have fun planning and repurposing old clothes into beautiful new garments over and over again

this workshop is for you if...

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So, ready to bring colour to your wardrobe, naturally and sustainably?