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Cultivate a fulfilling natural dye practice with confidence and ease

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Discover the five foundational steps that will enable you to understand the process and confidently put it into practice time and time again to achieve natural colours that will stand the test of time.
Imagine how your unique wardrobe would look like. Or your very own sustainable knits or quilts or any other kind of textile craft you’re passionate about. Imagine developing a deeper understanding of the plants around you and getting to know them not just by name, but as friends.

How would that change the way you relate to the environment around you? Would you feel more at home, more grounded wherever you are?

What would it feel like to confidently and easily transform any textile into a colourful piece of botanical art, with the help of plants or kitchen scraps?

— Ann Cheetham

“This was a very well thought out online introduction to Natural Dying. It was informative and helpful and clearly delivered through video, along with course materials available to download to reinforce the learning. Highly recommend this if you're interested in learning to dye with Natural materials.”

— Frances Fogarty

“Malú is a master of her craft and her knowledge is so far and wide matched by her experience. Cannot recommend Malú enough if you want to learn about natural dyes.” 

Don’t just take my word for it!
this is what some of my students have to say:

Not only that, but also getting to proudly wear the textiles you’ve transformed or making something beautiful with them.

I want you to experience the same sense of fulfilment and awe that comes with pulling a textile out of the pot and witnessing the colour transformation occurring before your eyes.

I simply adore bringing colours to textiles with the help of plants and I’ve been helping other creatives and sustainability lovers understand and fall in love with the process for 4 years.

Natural dyes are Living Colours and –just like every living thing on Earth– they change over time. However, if you follow the process and care properly for your naturally dyed garments, their colours will last for many years to come! And don’t worry, caring for naturally dyed clothes is not much different to caring for a woolly jumper.

After all my hard work, will the colours fade slowly but surely through washes?

Once you know the recipes and formulas, you don’t always need to stick to them. The important thing is to learn the rules first, before you can bend or even break them!

Do I always need to stick to the rules?

You will learn to adjust your process and set-up to fit within the space you have available, regardless if this is the tiny kitchen you share with your family or a spacious shed out the back.

Doesn't it require a lot of space?

Each of the steps in this workshop is structured in a way that will allow you to break down your dye projects into manageable chunks that can be easily completed one at a time, steadily building up until you achieve your desired result.

Isn’t natural dyeing too time-consuming?

I can't wait to guide you as we dive deep into the magical and colourful world of dyeing textiles with plants and kitchen scraps!

I’m a Mexican natural dyer and designer living in West Wicklow, Ireland. I inherited my name and a calling for textile art from my mum and grandmother. I have a background in graphic design and fine arts. In 2018 I began my experimentations and research in natural dyes. I’ve had the honour of studying with master dyers from Mexico, Ireland, the US and Japan.

My work draws inspiration from the traditional garments of Mexico, while embracing the rich heritage of Irish textiles. By working slowly and mindfully, I aim to build an intimate connection with each of our dye sources, as well as the Land where they grow.

founder & CEO of Talú
and founding member of Fibreshed Ireland.

I'm Malú Colorín

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And no future versions will include this high level of direct access to me.

The doors to this highly interactive online workshop are only open for a limited period of time.

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A theoretical introduction to the key concepts you need to understand and the practical aspect of scouring or washing your textiles, in preparation for the dyeing process.

The crucial step of mordanting your fibre to ensure the colour from the plants will firmly bind to it.

A deep dive into the process and best practices for dyeing and overdyeing with plants and kitchen scraps. We’ll also learn how to care for naturally dyed textiles.

You’ll discover colour modification techniques, which will enable you to expand your colour palette without the need for additional plants or kitchen scraps.

Additional techniques to achieve different textures and effects. You won’t be limited to solid colours only!

What you'll learn:

  • Craving textile practice that will bring you closer to the Natural world, even if you live in the middle of a busy city!
  • A DIY enthusiast and you want to personalise or modify the clothes already in yours or your family’s wardrobe, without using horrible chemicals that will harm you or other life on the planet
  • A small artisan business owner and want to incorporate more sustainable practices into your craft to provide more value for your customers

This course is for you if you are:

Our first call will be on Tuesday 12th of March and we’ll have one call a week for five weeks until you’ve learned the fundamentals of natural dyeing so you can confidently turn any cloth into a piece of botanical art that will endure washes and exposure to light.
Personalised attention with answers to all your questions in the moment and throughout the course. 

Lifetime access to the recordings of each call, so you can keep referring to them time and time again.

Comprehensive handouts with notes and formulas, so you can follow when dyeing and experimenting at home.

Be part of a supportive community of peers on the same colourful journey as you!

You get:

I trust you will honour your unique situation. This model is based on care, reciprocity and solidarity, which are the values I like to bring into the world, while also getting equitably compensated for my experience and knowledge.

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You get personalised attention throughout your process

— Helen Henderson

“Loved the Masterclass. Doing Malú's class was so joyful. Her manner is wonderful and, might I say, "colourful"!”

— Ale Ric

“Thank you Malú, your workshop was very interesting and original... I wish to participate in many more and with hands-on new creations! Thank you.”

— Jill Sutherland

“Malú explains all the steps very clearly and provides clear written instructions to accompany her demonstrations. She makes natural dyeing feel easy, fun, and accessible.”

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If you join with the Regular and Kinship fee and decide that this workshop is not for you, there is a 14-day money back guarantee — no questions asked. Simply email me and I'll issue you a refund.


Are you ready to stop feeling doubts about the process and start experimenting and expanding your colour palette with confidence and ease?