After working as a graphic designer for various years, in 2017 our founder Malú Colorín stumbled upon the book The Slow Stitch by Claire Wellesley-Smith. Every time the author mentioned slow-dyeing textiles using food scraps and locally-foraged plants, Malú's heart jumped with excitement.

For us, the seed that started it all was a passion for colour. 

All good stories, like textiles and everything else, begin with a seed.

This thrill quickly turned into a thirst for learning all about coaxing colour from plants, insects and minerals. She went on an experimentation spree, took workshops, courses, did loads of research and decided to merge her passion for colour with her love of plants to become a natural dyer.

Our founder
Malú Colorín

Our story:

Our continual acknowledgement, respect and gratitude to the indigenous communities all over the world that have kept alive the textile heritage upon which we base our production methods and philosophy.

Today, rooted in the rich textile traditions of both Mexico and Ireland, our little colourful seed is growing into a community of rebels and daydreamers, determined to provide soil-based solutions to the environmental crisis. We believe that by healing the relationship between agriculture, textile production and conscious consumption, we can actually have a positive impact on our planet, without compromising on comfort and beauty.
— Come join our tribe!

Natural dyeing, like any other craft, doesn't exist in a vacuum: with it, come many different realisations. For us, it's all been about developing a much closer relationship to the Land, to our non-human siblings, and eventually to our true selves. We strive to share that understanding through everything we do.