MalĂș ColorĂ­n is a Mexican natural dyer and designer living in West Wicklow, Ireland. She inherited her name and a calling for textile art from her mother and grandmother. With a background in graphic design and fine arts, in 2018 she began her experimentations and research into natural dyes. She has studied with master dyers in Mexico, Ireland, the US and Japan.

Her work draws inspiration from the traditional garments of her native Mexico, while embracing the rich heritage of Irish textiles. By working slowly and mindfully, she aims to build an intimate connection with each of her dye sources, as well as the land where they grow.

MalĂș is a founding member of Fibreshed Ireland.

Founder & CEO
Natural dyer + Designer

MalĂș ColorĂ­n

The team:

Natalia Gomez is the founder of Green Studio digital marketing agency. She's an experienced marketeer with an eye for web design, a soul for copywriting and the skills for helping anyone build a sustainable online presence.

After working +7 years in mass consumption companies where she learned her business basics (and un-learned some things), she decided to start her own business to help conscious brands thrive online.

Since 2018 she's helped dozens of businesses, such as TalĂș, simplify their marketing and maximise their impact.

Content strategist

Natalia Gomez

Lobo is a Mexican husky that adopted MalĂș in 2019.
He likes to shred paper and fabrics to bits, making him the perfect composting ally. He fluctuates between taking long naps and vigorously reminding MalĂș to take a break from work because it's time to go for a walk.

Expert composter
& master of chaos