An intimate festival dedicated entirely to natural dyes, pigments, and inks, honouring the Land that provides them.

Immerse yourself in a weekend celebration of all things natural colour!

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As seen In:

Born out of a passion for colour, a heritage in textiles and a love for all things design, Talú is on a mission to help slow  fashion lovers keep their clothes in play for longer & reconnect to the Land.
We offer online and in-person natural dyeing workshops and natural dye services for slow fashion brands and individuals.

About us

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WE’RE A natural dye house AND EDUCATIONAL HUB, rooted in regenerative practices.

This FREE guide will build your confidence to start dyeing clothes with plants and food scraps, breathing new life into your wardrobe in a sustainable way. A perfect way to deepen your relationship with Mother Nature and with the clothes you already own!

  • Discover reliable sources of colour in your garden or compost bin
  • Harness the power of plants to achieve beautiful colours
  • Learn my top tips to care for your garments and make the colour last

No more failed experiments where the colour disappears after the first wash! 

Yes, you can bring old garments back to life with beautiful and reliable colours, using materials you already have at home.

Start dyeing your clothes with plants in 5 easy steps!

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