If your garment has faded considerably or is in need of some mending, you can contact us at and we will happily mend or re-dye it for a small fee.

Mend & re-dye guarantee

Only wash your garments when they really need it. You can remove odours by using vodka. Pour straight vodka into a spray bottle, hang your garments, spritz them with the vodka, and let them air dry. Odours will be neutralised once the vodka evaporates.

When you do need to wash your textiles: 
  • Use cold water as much as possible.  This reduces energy use and helps avoid fading.
  • If possible, wash your garments by hand. Alternatively, use a gentle cycle such as 'delicate', 'wool' or 'hand wash'. Friction makes textiles loose colour and get worn faster.
  • Use a mild, neutral soap. The less additives in the soap, the better. Preferably, use detergent that is biodegradable.
  • Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight.


All dyes –natural or synthetic– fade and transform with wear, exposure to sunlight and washing. We recommend you store your clothes away from direct sunlight.


Our garments are made from 100% Irish linen and dyed using European-grown plants.


Taking care of your naturally-dyed garments will ensure that you keep loving and wearing them for years to come!

Garment care