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We're not starting any custom dyeing jobs until September 2024. If you'd like to inquire and start scheduling a service for the autumn, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get in touch with you to begin dyeing once we're back in the studio.

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We offer custom natural dye services for brands who work with natural fibres. Natural dyeing is an alternative to synthetic dyeing that doesn't pollute waterways and is gentler on the skin of the wearer.

We can dye yarn, garments and fabric yardage. There are no minimum amounts.

We dye with plants grown and processed in Europe using organic or low-energy methods that don’t cause deforestation. These plants have tried and tested historical efficacy and colourfastness.

Please note that synthetic fibres cannot be naturally dyed.

4 —

Once the outstanding balance is paid, the dyed yarn, clothing or yardage is posted back to you!

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After the agreed turnover, the custom dyed yarn, clothing or yardage will be ready for shipping.

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2 weeks after payment, the samples are sent out to you.
Once the samples are approved, a timeframe for the custom dyeing service is discussed and agreed with you. You pay a 50% deposit for the custom dyeing service and provide the fibres to be dyed.

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The colour palette is discussed and agreed with you before sampling begins.
You pay for the colour sampling and provide us with the fibres to be dyed.

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Please include as much information as possible, such as colours, fibre type and order size. Please note that we are based in Ireland.

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