5 Sustainable Fashion Shows and Events Around the World

Sustainable fashion becoming trendy is something I can truly get behind.

The truth is that while there are many words often used to describe fashion – think: haute couture, 90’s chic vintage – there is one critical adjective that we need to start embracing in the fashion world, and that is sustainability. 

As consumers, we’re taught to shop more sustainably, but the reality is that the onus also falls on those who produce the garments. Especially when you realize that the fashion industry alone is one of the greatest contributors to global pollution. 

This is where slow fashion comes in!

Slow fashion is one the most beautiful and authentic odes to the soils of the Earth and our ability as human beings to create without committing any harm. It has also given rise to sustainable fashion shows, which have proven to be an integral platform for eco-inspired designers, activists and creatives to set a new standard for the industry and help protect our precious Mother Earth too.

The importance of sustainable fashion events

Sustainable fashion shows are not purely for entertainment. They are a gentle reminder that we are part of a community that has an important mission. These shows provide a necessary space for experts, newbies and fashion lovers to come together to share their passion for both clothing and the environment. 

It is in these intentional spaces that we learn the importance of a sustainable future and how we can continue to promote eco-friendly creations.  

My top picks for sustainable fashion events

Annual events

1- Helsinki Fashion Week

Helsinki Fashion Week  2023 will focus on the growing interconnectedness within the fashion industry. By reducing the gap between digital and physical fashion and reacting more clearly to sustainability demands from consumer communities, this interconnectivity will bring fashion closer to the consumer – in a safe and sustainable way.

2- Sustainable Fashion Week

Sustainable Fashion Week truly is redefining fashion week, by actively challenging overconsumption. This sustainable fashion show is empowering and equipping people with the necessary tools to have a more sustainable relationship with fashion. 

This year the event is from 25 September – 8 October across the UK.

The two individuals behind the initiative, Amelia Twine and Amber Rochette, are striving to create a more accessible, sustainable fashion movement. This is founded on sharing skills and knowledge that drive social change in local communities. 

With this in mind, Sustainable Fashion Week was built around the four “R’s”: 

  • Rewear
  • Repurpose
  • Regenerate
  • Reconnect

3- Copenhagen Fashion Week

If you are in Denmark, I highly suggest gracing the Copenhagen Fashion Week with your presence. It is taking place between 8 August – 11 Aug 2023. This glorious celebration of sustainable fashion strives towards making substantial changes to the way in which fashion is viewed and sold. The sustainable fashion show works to encourage the industry to take steps towards more responsible business practices.

4- The Sustainable Fashion Forum

Each year, the Sustainable Fashion Forum hosts a conference to allow guests to gain a deeper understanding of the complex environmental, social, and economic challenges at the intersection of fashion and sustainability. 

What makes this fashion event so important is its incredible ability to be a fountain of knowledge for those looking to fully understand the ins and outs of sustainable fashion.  Those with immense insights will then teach guests how to address their trade-offs through holistic, multifaceted approaches.

Upcoming events

Better Cotton Conference 

If you are as much of a cotton lover as I am, then this is the sustainable fashion event for you. Better Cotton Conference is where the entire cotton sector comes together to shape a more sustainable future for this remarkable plant.

Here you’ll connect with industry leaders and experts for an interactive opportunity to explore the entire value chain, including topics around climate action, innovation today and social sustainability.

The event will take place from 21 – 22 June, either online or in the Netherlands. 

At the end of the day, sustainable fashion shows aren’t a fleeting trend or fad, they’re the future

At the very least, it is our job to actively protect Mother Nature and her resources. By joining the sustainable fashion show movement, you are not only cutting down on your own environmental footprint but helping create the blueprint for slow fashion. 

Want to learn more about making more sustainable fashion choices? Check out my natural dyeing workshop to DIY at home or explore my natural dyeing services for sustainable brands that want to take a leap towards their commitment to the planet.