Barróg ón Talamh salmon crios


Barróg on Talamh (hug from the Land) is a collaborative series of one-of-a-kind criosanna –or traditional Irish colourful woven belts. This crios was lovingly designed and woven by Aideen Macken, made using naturally-dyed Galway Wool. Each unique crios is released as it becomes available and there is only one of each.

Crios are one of the surviving pieces of traditional Irish clothing, usually worn around the waist as a belt. For this series, the wool from the native Irish Galway sheep was naturally dyed using Mexican indigo leaves, Irish and European weld plants and European madder roots. A real Irish-grown and made product! 🐑

Aideen Macken is originally from Cork and weaves from her home, a tiny cottage in Dublin. She has been making Crios since 2021. She is part of the Liberties Weavers, a group that has been keeping the over one thousand year old heritage of weaving in the Liberties alive.

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  • Made from native Irish-grown Galway Wool in the warp and cotton in the weft
  • Naturally dyed in Co. Wicklow, Ireland with Irish and European-grown weld and madder
  • Designed and woven by Aideen Macken in Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • Each design is one-of-a-kind!
  • 270cm long x 5cm wide
  • Garment care instructions here
  • Ready to ship worldwide! Please note that if you live outside of the EU, you may have to pay customs charges. This is not controlled by us, but by your home country.
  • Please note: due to the properties of natural dyes and the display settings in your device, actual colours may vary slightly from the images shown

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Galway Wool warp and cotton weft


Salmon / coral


270cm long x 5cm wide