6 Sustainable Fashion Organizations Fighting for a Brighter Future

Sustainable fashion organizations aren’t just a fad. They’re the future.

The importance of community over competition

Did you know that one of the world’s largest polluters is the fashion industry?

And while this statistic can easily spiral us into a moment of complete despair, I find it very encouraging to know that there are many sustainable fashion organizations and initiatives out there that are working hard to change the textile industry for the better.

And why is that? Because our community of conscious consumers, eco-friendly retailers and sustainable brands are all prioritizing community over competition… and it’s a sentiment I am incredibly proud of. Especially when you notice that sustainable fashion organizations are becoming key players in the industry and taking action towards reducing waste, energy consumption, deforestation and pollution.

Sustainable practices are the name of the game and I love it!

If you’re looking to partner or build relationships in the sustainable fashion industry, you’ve got to check out these organizations.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion revolution is one of the most representative organizations in the sustainable fashion world because it emerged after a tragic event that happened in April 2013 in the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where a factory collapsed and people who were barely paid a living wage were either killed or badly injured.

From that day forward, Fashion Revolution is on a mission to bring global awareness to the fashion industry and organizes events and campaigns to bring people to drive change in the fashion industry. They also partner with other key sustainable fashion organizations.  

UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion organizations, we definitely have to discuss the United Nations’ most recent initiative. This UN body commits to changing the path of fashion by reducing its negative environmental and social impacts; turning fashion into a driver for sustainability. Here are their core goals:

  1. Knowledge sharing, where individuals are educated on sustainable and ethical fashion whilst also encouraging transparency on best practices.
  2. The promotion of active collaboration by encouraging and supporting joint ethical initiatives that protect our people, animals and planet.
  3.  Strengthening systems by improving the harmonization of sustainable communities and their initiatives.


I am absolutely obsessed with the work that Fibershed  is doing! So much so, that I helped start the Irish affiliate of this global movement! Fibershed is all about making fashion truly circular by championing a soil-to-soil model based on local fiber, local dyes and local labor. What does this mean? I’m glad you asked. 

A soil-to-soil model means using only natural fibers and natural dyes, ensuring that textiles are completely compostable at the end of their life. In terms of focusing on local production, this means strengthening the connections between farmers, processors and brands, boosting the local economy, reducing carbon miles and having really transparent value chains. Sounds great, no?

The great news is that Fibershed affiliates are popping up all over the world and anyone can start one too. No matter where you are, there is probably a Fibershed affiliate close to you, and if there isn’t you could start it!

Fair Wear Foundation

This is one of several incredible sustainable fashion communities out there, and the work that this foundation is doing is honestly incredible. Fair Wear Foundation is all about accelerating the movement toward a world where people are protected and supported in their desire to create ethical clothes.

Fast fashion not only harms our ecosystems but our people too. This is where the Fair Wear Foundation comes in.

They actively work towards creating an industry where garment workers are well informed, well represented and have the means to raise concerns when their rights are violated.

They serve as a great reminder that while we continue to push for sustainable clothing outcomes, the actual process has to be sustainable and harmless too – including both people and the planet.

Home of Fair Trade Enterprises

The best way to understand the Home of Fair Trade Enterprises is to acknowledge that it isn’t just an organization. It’s a movement, a community and an idea. They are all about transforming local communities, pioneering upcycling, championing the fight against the climate crisis and practicing organic farming. This is based on their vision that there are no healthy economies without healthy people and a healthy environment.

This sustainable fashion organization looks to create a community of businesses that support and trade with each other, speak up collectively, meet regularly and collaborate at trade fairs. How beautiful! It’s in collaboration and community that we find our greatest source of power, after all, right?

sustainable fashion organizations

Fair Trade Certified

I could write a quick intro paragraph about them, but I think the way they describe themselves is so poignant and true that I’ll just let them introduce themselves to you.

On their official website, they say that Fair Trade USA™ is building an innovative model of responsible business, conscious consumerism, and shared value to eliminate poverty and enable sustainable development for farmers, workers, their families, and communities around the world.

When you purchase any products that have their Fair Trade certification, you can rest assured that this product meets the rigorous standards that protect the livelihoods of farmers, fishers, and other producer communities as well as the environment.

Building better, healthier and more sustainable relationships

At the end of the day, it’s important that we remember that the apparel and textile industry truly has the capacity to become a force for good. And while we still have a long way to go, I don’t doubt that as a community, we have the power and momentum to build a people- and planet-positive garment sector.

It all starts with us.

Yes, that may sound cliché, maybe even a little cheesy, but it’s the truth. If we all commit to ethical relationships with our Land, Nature and the fashion industry, we will actively contribute to a greener, brighter and happier future.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge on sustainable practices, natural dyeing of garments or looking to find out more about sustainable fashion organizations, I encourage you to read my blogs. They will become a source of inspiration, knowledge and entertainment for you!