Fabric Dyeing Service: What to expect and What you Should Know

The world is awakening to the connections we have between our consciousness, our health and nature – and it all starts with natural fabric dyeing services!  

Eco-friendly dyes have been all the talk in recent times and for good reasons too! Worthy of the continuous hype they receive, natural dyes are not only working in harmony with Nature but also actively nurturing our desire to make harmless and timeless pieces of clothing. 

From natural dyes being non-toxic to biodegradable and non-allergenic, it is clear that these botanical dyes possess immense power and magic. 

And if you aren’t yet ready to explore natural dyeing, you can still revel in all of its beauty courtesy of all of the incredible fabric dyeing services out there! 

Is natural dyeing expensive?

The thing is, and I am going to be truly honest here, natural dyeing is a labour-intensive craft. It is a process that uses natural materials grown in organic conditions that don’t cause harm. The price you’ll pay does reflect that.

However, by using traditional recipes with tried and tested colour fastness, at Talú I ensure that the colour will be long-lasting and that the quality remains unmatched. We also use water that is free from chemicals so that at the end of the process it can be safely returned to the soil.

There are also absolutely no endocrine disruptors in naturally dyed products, unlike synthetically-dyed garments.

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The best fabric dyes 


Indigo powder is the one and only true source of plant-based blues and it is extracted from the leaves of a few different plants, including the aptly named indigo plant. This colour truly is to DYE for!

Oak leaves

Dyeing with oak leaves gives your textiles the most delightful creamy brown colour. This beautiful hue is achievable in a matter of hours. Simply bring the leaves to a boil, strain them and then get to dyeing.


Who doesn’t love flowers? They are truly a magical part of our environment. They are also so incredibly versatile as they not only thrive in a vase but as pressed leaves or as a gorgeous natural dye. My go-to dye flowers are Dyer’s Chamomile, Marigolds and Dahlias, but there are so many more to choose from!


Turns out that coffee isn’t just a great-tasting pick-me-up. Not only does it fuel your creativity but it also helps you create beautiful mocha-shaded garments too.


There are so many rich colours housed in eucalyptus leaves that will definitely make this plant one of your go-to eco-friendly natural dyes. Place the leaves in boiling water for an hour and let the results amaze you.

Which fabric works best for natural dyeing?

Natural fibres are ALWAYS the way to go! The colour holds incredibly and they’re obviously much better for the environment, not to mention that synthetic fibres can’t really be dyed with plants. 

These fabrics include:

  •       Cotton
  •       Linen
  •       Hemp
  •       Wool
  •       Silk
  •       Alpaca
  •       Mohair
  •       Bamboo
  •       Lyocell

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What to expect from a professional fabric dyeing service for your sustainable brand

The truth is that not everyone is exactly keen on dyeing fabrics themselves – whether you are an individual or a brand, I’m sure some of you can relate. And that is perfectly fine! 

This just means that you will need to take some time out to source a fabric dyeing service that supports your vision and takes pride in delivering something beautiful and high quality.

The important thing to do is find a fabric dyeing service that places importance on both the product they’re delivering to you and the health of the environment. 

The process:

Each fabric dyeing service will probably have its own process but this is how we like to do things here at Talú:

  1. Once you let us know that you’d like to acquire our services, we’ll begin to discuss a colour palette. Once you’re happy with the colours, we will begin sampling. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for these samples. 
  2. Two weeks after we’ve received your payment for the samples, we’ll send them your way. Once you’re happy and you approve them, we will discuss and agree on the timeframe for the custom dyeing service. You’ll then pay a 50% deposit for the custom dyeing service.
  3. Once everything is complete, your custom-dyed yarn, clothing or yardage will be ready for shipping.
  4. Finally, as soon as we receive the outstanding balance, your brand-new, beautiful item will be posted to you.

Sustainability is not just a trend, it truly is changing the game for many industries. It’s vital for everyone to step up and join the revolution.

At the end of the day, we as mindful inhabitants of this Land need to come together to take care of each other and Mother Earth. You can contribute to this change by partnering with a sustainable dyeing service that will work hard to make this an easy and seamless transition for you.

The more people who invest in natural dyeing techniques, the more we invest in the well-being of our bodies and the planet. 

If you’d like to find out more about the natural dyeing process or if you’re in need of a trusty fabric dyeing service, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would absolutely love to hear from you!